To qualify for Port Pilot you must be a Merchant Marine Captain and have commanded ships of over 1,000 GT's for two years in the last ten. In addition, they must pass a qualifying exam in Madrid under the control of the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy on English (direct, inverse and conversation translation) and another on national and international regulations on issues related to safety and maritime protection, safety of navigation , protection of the marine environment, elements and equipment of ships, etc.

Once this phase has been passed, another exam will be carried out (under the control of the Maritime Captaincy) in the port where there is a vacancy consisting of demonstrating their knowledge of the port and local regulations (1st Test – qualifying round) and passing a second test consisting of carrying out (on paper) various docking and undocking maneuvers in the port. In addition, you will have to pass a specific medical examination (before the exam at the port) and an internship period, if you passed the final exam and obtained the right to do an internship.

The Pilot is obliged to keep his knowledge updated through a Continuing Training Course. This training is included in the Corporation's Training Plan.